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Article # 18
Bloomberg Machines
Short description: The MSBTC Main Lab and the MBA Lab in the Car Barn each have a Bloomberg Financial Console for stude...
Resolution: Bloomberg Terminals: The Bloomberg is used to access a variety of market of market information including stock histories and other financial market data (charts, graphs, etc.)The MSBTC has Bloomberg machines:Log-in: administratorPassword: bloomberg When logging in via the Windows pop-up box on eith...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 2, 2017
Article # 20
Recommended Laptop Specifications
Short description: MBA students are required to have a personal portable laptop that runs either Microsoft Vista or Mic...
Resolution: Operating SystemThe MSB Technology Center operates a corporate IT environment. For this reason, the MSB Technology Center recommends the following operating systems (in English): Vista Business, Vista Ultimate, Vista Enterprise, and Windows XP Professional. While you may run other operating systems ...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 11, 2017
Article # 19
How to Manage Junk Mail
Short description: Here is an explanation of how to manage Junk Mail that arrives in your GroupWise inbox....
Resolution: Two junk mail filters actively monitor the mail sent to your GroupWise account. One filter operates through UIS. It deletes messages it identifies as spam before they reach your inbox. To learn more about this filter, click here. You can opt out of this service here.The second filter is through a p...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 3, 2017
Article # 22
GroupWise Client Information
Short description: A brief introduction to the GroupWise Email client...
Resolution: The GroupWise client offers full compatibility with all GroupWise features. It is the method of choice for faculty and staff members. Students will be able to use this in the lab and have the option of installing this on their computers.However, the GroupWise client does not automatically download m...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 5, 2017
Article # 7
Virus and Malware Protection
Short description: Learn how to protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware....
Resolution: To protect your computer from vicious viruses and malware, the Tech Center recommends: Symantec Anti-Virus (required) We strongly suggest that all students have an anti-virus program installed on their computer. All students are provided with a copy of Symantec Antivirus Corporate edition up...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 2, 2017
Article # 26
H drive does not show up
Short description: When logged on to Novell, the mapped H drive does not show up in Windows. The rest of the Novell map...
Resolution: December 17, 2009 9:20:39 AM - Mike Mitchelson - Closing ticket - problem identified Ticket changes: Status: from Resolved to Closed I spoke with Scott Donaldson who was somewhat familiar with the computers. He remarked that there are external card r...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 5, 2017

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