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Article # 13
Installing Minitab
Short description: MiniTab is a statistics program available to MSB students. Here are instructions on how to download ...
Resolution: Downloading MiniTab: Go to NetStorage at the S: Drive follow the path MSBTC/MSBTC Software/Minitab 15Download the program install software entitled MiniTab15_Install.exe and the license file called MiniTab.lic. Be sure to note where you download the files.Run th...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 12, 2017
Article # 15
Improving Your Computer's Responsiveness
Short description: Over time your computer will begin to slow down; however, there are steps that you can take to impro...
Resolution: Clean Out Your Temporary FilesAs you browse the Internet, files are continuously downloaded onto your computer. These temporary files can, over time, accumulate. Websites also place what are known as cookies on your computer to track your surfing patterns. While most of these files will not harm you...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 10, 2017
Article # 5
Student User Accounts
Short description: As a MSB student you have two accounts- UIS NetID and MSB/Novell ID. Each account has its own sepa...
Resolution: Accessing UIS NetID account UIS ID: NetID PASSWORD: UIS password Your UIS NetID is used primarily for access to Blackboard, Access+, and various other university wide services. If you ever have questions pertaining to anything involving this account it is best to contact UIS first. The foll...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 5, 2017
Article # 1
GroupWise E-mail Alternatives
Short description: Learn how to configure Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2003 2007, and G-mail to access the GroupWise ...
Resolution: Groupwise Alternatives (IMAP Connection Clients)Outlook and Thunderbird are two e-mail clients are configured via IMAP support. IMAP clients generally have some missing functionality compared to the native interfaces, but they also are capable of downloading the messages to your hard drive and allow...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 5, 2017
Article # 3
Setting up iPrint and Printers
Short description: Print to the MSBTC lab printers from your personal computer....
Resolution: There are two things you must do to be able to print to MSB printers off the internet: Install the iPrint clientInstall the appropriate iPrint enabled printer The following instructions should get you on your way. Once you have installed an iPrint enabled printer you will be able to print ...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 12, 2017
Article # 4
Setting up notify in GroupWise
Short description: GroupWise has a Reminder message type. It can be set to alert you to meetings and calendar events p...
Resolution: There are three ways that you can set up Notify to work on your computer.The first method will be active as long as you are logged in to your computer. Go to the Start menu and locate Novell GroupWise in the program list. Within that folder, there is a program called Notify. Right-click on it an...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 12, 2017
Article # 25
Equipment Loans
Short description: The MSB Technology Center provides equipment loans for MSB faculty, staff, and students....
Resolution: Available hardware for loaning includesProjectorsTripodsVideo cameras (you must provide your own mini-DV cassettes)Slide projectorVCRSpeaker pairIndividual IBM laptop computers (for faculty and staff only)The Technology Center also provides a Mobile Classroom, which is a portable group of IBM laptop...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 12, 2017
Article # 24
Archiving E-mail in GroupWise
Short description: Archived emails can be stored in a compressed format on either your computer s C: drive or on your P...
Resolution: Each GroupWise user has 200MB of inbox space. While it is not possible to increase this amount, you can increase the number of emails you have access to by archiving old emails.Procedure to Archive E-mail Open GroupWise on your computer. You must be using a computer with the GroupWise client install...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 5, 2017
Article # 23
Conferencing Services
Short description: The MSB Technology Center provides teleconferencing, internet conferencing, and video conferencing s...
Resolution: Within the main MSB Technology Center is a private room equipped with Teleconferencing and Internet conferencing hardware. This hardware cannot be used outside of the lab, but is available anytime during our normal hours of operation on an appointment or walk-in basis.It is recommended that you sche...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 3, 2017
Article # 21
Information for Graduating Students
Short description: Instructions regarding retaining the information currently on your MSB Novell account and GroupWise ...
Resolution: The information below applies to students graduating with a Georgetown University diploma only. If you are leaving the university but will not be receiving a diploma (i.e. exchange students, etc.), please email for information about your accounts. In your email to, ...
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Group: MSB Tech Center
Last modified: Aug 3, 2017

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